Reunion (France)

College Texeira Da Motta

Our school is named after a Portuguese merchant Texeira Da Motta who owned land in our city in the XVIIth century. This year, our school has around 800 students who are in 4 grades. The principal is called Mrs. Fourmy and the principal assistant is Mrs. Mayer. The school staff is composed of many other people, such as the two CPE ladies(Education Counsellers), whose job is to sort out all our school problems, along with their assistants.

The college also has a library, a class for students with special needs, a computer room, a large playground, a roofed area with tables and benches to sit during the break or after lunch. There are wooden tables under the trees and a locker space for Year 7 half-boarders. The building has three floors and a very nice seaview.

In our school we study French, Math, History Geography, Biology, Science, English, Art, Music, Technology, P.E. and Spanish. At free time, we sit in a large room called study room. We have school from Monday to Friday, from 7:20 to 11:35 and from 13:10 to 17:20.


27 rue Eugene Delouise
97419 La Possession