Základná škola s materskou školou Demandice

Demandice is about 20km away from Levice, is cubby nice country side with its mild climate, natural beauties and also historical and cultural places. Is situated on the south part of Slovakia. It takes about 65 km from our district town Nitra. Slovakia belongs to smaller countries of Europe. In the past many people emigrated from the country. The people of different nations and ethnics groups live on the territory of Slovakia, mostly Hungarians, Czech, Polish, Romanians and Ukraine. In these days people migrate from villages to bigger towns because of a good work opportunity. They also migrate to other Europeans countries. We have students from different cultures. We pay a lot of importance to this mixture.

The natural environment surrounding Levice-Demandice, Šiklóš and Kalvária, relies of volcanic activity from the Tertiary period, the largest small-scale natural park in the district is Horšianska Valley, which in 1976 became a National Park. Very close to Demandice is about 5 km called village Santovka with a well know thermal water.

We are situated in the middle of a nice countryside. Our school consists of a 2 storey, main building and the second part is our canteen. We have about 120 students. Children age are from 6 to 15. Our school take care of 60 students who are from social handicap families and they are very important for us. Our aim is that each student should be open to different world views and is not important where are you from or who are you, but what is inside you. We also want to contribute to the quality of education. In 21st century you can´t exist without knowledge of some foreign languages. English language would be also a big challenge for our teachers as well. Finally we want our children to get brand conciousness and sense of initiative. We also hope that both the children and the teachers will benefit from this partnership in a way that we will open ourselves to new cultures and experiences. I believe that also small school can do a good project. Our school has been just restored from inside and outside as well, we have 9 classes and in each of them are interactive boards (Prometean, Qomo). Children can play on a new playground, too.


Základná škola s materskou školou
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